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Commissioner’s Office: political show is in vain and the spirit of the rule of law shall not be violated
2024-06-01 00:12

The spokesperson of the Commissioner’s Office of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in the HKSAR expressed strong disapproval and firm opposition tothe baseless accusations made by the US State Department spokesperson and British Foreign Secretary David Cameron against the Hong Kong High Court's verdict on the "conspiracy to commit subversion"case. They attacked "one country, two systems", smeared Hong Kong's national security law, slandered the human rights and freedom situation in Hong Kong, interfered with the judiciary in the SAR, and even threatened to impose new sanctions.

The spokesperson pointed out that justice has long arms. The so-called “primary election” seriously challenged the constitutional order of the HKSAR and those violated the law must be held to justice. The judicial organs of the SAR handle the case impartially in accordance with law and effectively safeguard judicial justice, which is a legitimate action to safeguard national sovereignty and security interests, a necessary action to safeguard Hong Kong's prosperityand stability. It conforms to the fundamental interests of Hong Kong and the common aspirations of the community, and brooks no interference.

The spokesperson saidthat the Chinese Government has always fully, accurately and unswervingly implemented the principles of "one country, two systems"and "Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong with a high degree of autonomy”. After the implementation of thenational security law and the Safeguarding National Security Ordinance, Hong Kongs political ecology hasimproved, public order has been restored, the spirit of the rule of law has been protected, the business environment has become better, and peoplein Hong Kongenjoya better living and working environment. This is a fact that no one who does not wear "tinted glasses" can deny, and it is inexplicable that some countries are upset about the legitimate measures taken by the SAR to safeguard national security.

The spokesperson said that Chinese people will never back down before pressure. History and facts have proved that noise, intimidation and sanctions will only enable clear-eyed people to see the sinisterintention of external forcesfordisrupting Hong Kongand using Hong Kong to contain China. It will only make all Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots, more united. We urge politicians of relevant countries to abide by the principles of international law and the basic norms governing international relations, earnestly respect the spirit of the rule of law, and immediately stop political manipulationand interferenceinto Hong Kong affairs!