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Commissioner’s Office: trial of Jimmy Lai case is law-based, and foreign interference will fail
2024-01-03 18:48

The spokesperson of the Commissioner’s Office of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in the HKSAR strongly disapproved and firmly rejected theirresponsible comments made by the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on Chinaand a few anti-China British politicians and European Parliament members on Hong Kong courts trial of the Jimmy Lai case, which vilified the Central Government’s policies towards Hong Kong and the national security law, and clamored for sanctions against officials of the Central Government and the HKSAR Government. The relevant politicianssided with anti-China elements in Hong Kong, interfered in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs, and trampled on the basic norms of international relations.Their interference is doomed to fail.

The spokesperson pointed out that Jimmy Laiis the main plannerand participant behind disruptive activities in Hong Kong. At the same time, as an agent and pawn ofanti-China foreign forces, Jimmy Lai colluded with external forces to endanger national security and served as a political tool for foreign forces to “use Hong Kong to contain China”. Hong Kong is a society governed by the rule of law, where laws must be observed and enforced. Hong Kong’s judicial departments handle cases impartially in accordance with law, which is widely supported by the public. Some anti-China politicians and groups deliberately ignored the facts, confused black and white, and hyped up relevant casesto smear Hong Kong’s human rights and the rule of law, in a vain attempt to contain China.Their ill-intended motiveand hypocrisy have been laid bare.

The spokesperson stressed that the rule of law is an important cornerstone of Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability. In the three years since the implementation of the national security law, Hong Kong society has returned to the right track, the political climate has taken on a new look, and thelawful rights and freedoms of Hong Kong people have been better protected in a safer environment. The political tricksof anti-China politicians cannot change the confidence of the international community in therule of law in Hong Kong, cannot change the legal environment and public order in Hong Kong, and cannot change Chinas firm determination to safeguard “one country, two systems” and national security.

The spokesperson reiterated that the relevant Western politiciansseem to have anti-China obsessiveness. They claim to respect the spirit of the rule of law and judicial independence, but in fact engage in despicable activities to interfere with judicial justice in Hong Kong. We urge these anti-China politicians to clearly recognize the reality, put themselves in the right position,stop whitewashing anti-China elements, and stop interfering in China's internal affairs, otherwise their wrongful acts will backfire!