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Commissioner’s Office: national security law enforcement in Hong Kong is in line with global common practice, and external intervention highlights double standard and hypocrisy
2023-07-07 20:00

The spokesperson for the Commissioner’s Office of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in the HKSAR strongly disapproved and firmly rejected irresponsible comments made by some British Parliamentarians concerning Hong Kong, who slandered the National Security Law for the HKSAR and its “extraterritorial application”, interfered in the rule of law and law enforcement in the SAR, and called for threatening and intimidation to Hong Kong.

The spokesperson said that the “extraterritorial application” of the national security law is fully in line with the principles of international law and global legal practice. According to international law, the basis for a country to exercise jurisdiction lawfully includes the principles of territorial jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction and protective jurisdiction, and the latter two reflect the effectiveness of extraterritorial application. The national security law aims to safeguard national security, prevent, stop and punish acts endangering national security, and the effect of extraterritorial application is indispensable. Articles 36 to 38 of the national security law are the concrete embodiment of the above principles. In accordance with the above provisions, Hong Kong police properly enforce the law against the leading anti-China forces fleeing Hong Kong, which is law-based and legitimate, and brooks no meddling.

The spokesperson pointed out that the national security laws of some Western countries, such as the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and EU member states, all crack down on serious crimes abroad in accordance with the principles of personal jurisdiction and protective jurisdiction, and have extraterritorial effects. Some Western politicians wear tinted glasses, ignore basic legal principles and facts, ignore the practice of extraterritorial application of their own laws, international law and basic norms of international relations, wantonly attack and smear Hong Kong’s national security law, interfere with the law enforcement, prosecution and trial of the HKSAR, and even threaten sanctions. Their purpose is to impede the effective implementation of Hong Kong’s national security law and enable anti-China elements to escape legal responsibility and continue to disrupt Hong Kong. Such sinister intentions and despicable tricks will never succeed!

The spokesperson reiterated that Hong Kong is secure only when the country is secure. Safeguarding national security is the foundation to protect “one country, two systems”, to safeguard the prosperity and development of Hong Kong, to protect the human rights and fundamental well-being of all Hong Kong residents, and to protect the interests of all investors in Hong Kong, including foreign countries. The common will of people from all walks of life in Hong Kong to safeguard the rule of law and order and the prosperity and stability of the SAR is unswerving, and the determination of the Chinese Government and people to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests is rock-solid. We urge those Western politicians to put themselves in the right position, recognize the reality, immediately stop supporting the anti-China elements, and immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs!