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Commissioner’s Office: US politicians are cutting off their nose to spite their face by interfering in Hong Kong affairs
2023-03-16 15:03

The spokesperson for the Commissioner’s Office of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in the HKSAR strongly disapproved and firmly rejected a Hong Kong-related resolution of the US Senate on 15 March, which sugarcoated anti-China forces in Hong Kong, smeared the national security law, interfered in the law-based administration of the HKSAR, and seriously trampled on international law and basic norms of international relations.

The spokesperson said that since the implementation of the national security law, Hong Kong’s rule of law and business environment have been improved, the society has become more stable and united, and a new chapter of good governance has opened. Hong Kong citizens now live a better life and global investors have also cast their vote of confidence in Hong Kong’s development with actions. Both the Basic Law and the national security law guarantee the wide range of lawful rights and freedoms enjoyed by Hong Kong residents, but no rights and freedoms are absolute, and no one has the privilege to be above the law. The SAR Government enforces laws justly and the judiciary handles cases impartially, which brooks no vilification.

The spokesperson pointed out that the so-called “resolution” of the US Senate is full of lies. When they groundlessly accused the Hong Kong Police of using excessive force in dealing with “black violence” forces, American police shot innocent people to death. When they said more than 200 people have been arrested under the national security law, thousands of American people have been arrested and prosecuted after the Capitol Hill under American laws. By clamoring for the release of Jimmy Lai and other suspects in Hong Kong, the politicians violated the rule of law and emboldened the rioters. They attacked Hong Kong’s reputation as a global business center, but the latest statistics show that the number of visitors to Hong Kong topped 1.46 million last month, for the first time in three years. All these show that all the Chinese people and the international community have strong confidence in the future of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong is back! They slandered that the Chinese government’s so-called “undermining” of Hong Kong’s democracy has ramifications for the international order, but they overlooked a fundamental tenet, which is that Hong Kong affairs are purely China’s internal affairs and Chinese people handling their own affairs has nothing to do with the international order.

The spokesperson stressed that these politicians on the Capitol Hill seem to have suffered from severe “selective amnesia”. They sugarcoated the violent storm to the Hong Kong Legislative Council all day long, but seem to have forgotten the storm to their own Capitol Hill. They pointed a finger at the situation of democracy and human rights in Hong Kong, a place thousands of miles away from them, but said nothing about the malaise at their own home. Their plot of “using Hong Kong to contain China” is laid bare and their Hong Kong resolution is nothing but a paper of hypocrisy and hegemony!

The spokesperson reiterated that the Chinese government is determined to safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and to fully and faithfully implement the principle of “one country, two systems”. The relevant US politicians must reflect on themselves, stop lecturing others in a condescending way, and abide by the international law principle and the basic norm governing international relations of “non-interference”. We urge them to immediately stop their political grandstanding and interference in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs under any pretext!